Video marketing is one of the key things I’ve been encouraging you to try. Nothing gives your potential customer a better understanding of what your business is and what you do than video. With the ability to incorporate emotionally enticing storytelling, share free information, search engines love it, and its ease of viewing on smart phones and tablets like the iPad, it is a smart marketing move for any small business.

But once you’ve filmed and edited your video, where should it go? Seems obvious but it isn’t.

If you have a blog or website, record a greeting to your visitors to put on the front page. Always make sure your settings allow viewers to mute you if they want or need to. Add a link to this video to your email signature and incorporate your topical videos into your blog posts.

Search engines LOVE video, with preference going to YouTube so be sure to develop a YouTube channel for your business. All videos on every site should have keywords listed just like your blog posts and web site do.

Vimeo is second to YouTube for video on the Web. Many people think the viewing quality is better, particularly for high-definition (HD).

Flickr was formerly just a photo-sharing/storage site, but added video capability last year and so will help you pop up in search engine rankings for images as well as content.

Viddler has some nice features for commenting but is essentially another YouTube or Vimeo. Like other sites, it allows you to customize your page and player with business logo, color schemes and fonts.

Don’t forget to incorporate your videos into social media spots, particularly Facebook (MySpace is good if you happen to be an artist or musician-otherwise it is not necessary).

Finally, here are several more sites you might consider uploading to: Mixx, VideoJug, MegaVideo, and Blinkx.


by Steven Schlagel