How important is vision within our company? It’s hugely important. How can we expect to have everyone going in the same direction and focused on the outcome that we’re looking for without a clear vision that is succinctly stated to everyone on our team?

Create Your Vision

What’s the vision of your company? An easy way to approach this question is to take a look at the vision for what our organization is going look like three years from now. The reason I say that is because it gets really hard to project out more than three years. Even three years is a bit of a trick! The idea is to paint a picture of what three years looks like. Identify what your business might look like three years from now and some metrics that can measure whether or not you got there. These can be simple things like sales, number of employees, number of locations, product lines, brands, and so forth. Whatever those metrics are, you need to be able to paint a very clear picture of what you look like three years from now because once we have that, we can make it actionable by taking and developing a one-year plan with specific objectives and specific metrics to tell us whether or not at the end of one year from now, we are on track to meet our three-year vision.

Articulate Your Vision

It is also very important to ask the question, “Have we clearly articulated what three years look like, and then have we brought it back to what we need to do, what action we need take during the next 12 months to achieve that?” Once you have that (and we’ll talk about this is more detail in a future lesson), we’re going break that one-year plan down into 90-day segments, so that we can really lock in and really make progress.

Take up time right now to think about, “What is my vision? Have I clearly stated it?” No maybe, mostly or “kind ofs”. You need to be very clear about this vision. Thanks so much for visiting and feel free to check out my other videos for more ideas on how to break through and reach the next level in your business. And, if you like this video, please subscribe.