Every thing you do, every thing you say in person and online, every product or service you offer, who you ARE, defines your personal brand. Personal brand, as a term, was coined by Tom Peters in Fast Company back in 1997. The article itself is still an important read, reminding us that it isn’t just large corporations who are branded but individuals, employees and entrepreneurs well. Peters went on further develop the personal branding concept in The Brand You 50.

Key areas drive customer and client loyalty. Your responsiveness, your integrity, whether you keep your word, your expertise, your professionalism. However, branding goes further: your humor, your style (both physical and communication), what you stand for, who your heroes are. If you are a speaker or coach, obviously your personal brand needs close examination and development. But what if you own several auto repair shops? You can still consider your brand and what you can do to drive loyalty. What will set you apart? Is it the fact that your manager comes out and greets customers personally or that you offer a thorough interior cleaning after each service? Decide and implement your branding strategy.

“We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You. ..The good news — and it is largely good news — is that everyone has a chance to stand out. Everyone has a chance to learn, improve, and build up their skills. Everyone has a chance to be a brand worthy of remark.” ” – Tom Peters

Do you stand out? What changes can you make to be a “brand worthy of remark”? Need help? Let me know.


by Steven Schlagel