In just about every business, people are the best resource, and often the most difficult. We’re going to take a look at how to develop a really great team, starting with the basics. The most fundamental thing to creating a really great team is YOU. You as the owner of a business, or you as the manager of a business. It starts with you. There are four key prerequisites to being a great manager and a great leader within any business organization. We’re going to look at the first two of those today.


Let’s take a look at the first prerequisite. The first one is caring. You must genuinely care about your employees. Have you ever worked for a boss or a manager who didn’t care? Who didn’t care about you? You know, when you don’t care about the people that are around you that you work with every day, it’s going to show, and you’re not going attract the kinda talent or the kind of people that you want to have around you. The very first thing to be a really great manager is that you truly need to care, and if you don’t, this isn’t the right job for you.


The second key prerequisite is culture. It’s the culture of the business. You are the one who sets the culture. You must do this in a purposeful way. There is a statistic that says roughly 89% of people that get fired from their jobs get fired for a lack of attitude, character or values, not skills. Only 11% get fired for a lack of skills. When you think about it, the culture of your business is those attitudes, character traits and values that are important to you and that your business exemplifies. If you’re not purposeful in defining what those are, then you can’t hire for it, you can’t promote people for it, and you can’t reward them for it. And it’s those things that really make your people great, that help in dealing with your customer base, and that help to grow your business. You need to be purposeful about that.

So those are the first two key prerequisites that you as a good manager and a good leader of your business must have. In our next post, we’ll take a look at the other two key prerequisites. Thank you for visiting and please check out my other videos for more breakthrough solutions that you can use in your business.