Processes are like gold for your business. Do you have processes within your business? Sure you do. It’s the way that you get things done within your organization. The real question is whether or not you’ve documented those processes and whether everyone follows them.

Why Processes Are So Important

The reason processes are so important is because they make sure that we have consistency within the organization. Consistency for our customers’ experience in dealing with us and consistency for the employees working with one another. They also give us the ability to scale our business up quickly because we have written processes that everyone coming in can see, understand and follow. We’re able to make the training process so much easier when we have those written processes.

Accountability & Processes

Remember when we talked about accountability charts? We talked about how important it was for us to make sure that everyone in the organization understood their seat, what the role was that they had, and the results and outcomes that were expected of them. But then it went one step further than that. Not only should they be responsible for those results and outcomes, but they need to know HOW to get it done. What’s the standard? What’s the way that you do things within your business? These are processes.

The Keys to Consistency

Processes help everyone to understand what you’re expecting. They’re key. You’ll notice that all of the major franchise organizations have numerous processes where they’ve documented the steps that need to be done so that when you visit that franchise, your visit is consistent. For example, every visit McDonald’s is pretty much the same. You know what to expect when you go in there. Maybe that’s frustrating at times, but most of the time it’s comforting to know that when you visit a McDonald’s, you’re going to be treated the same way. You can expect the same outcomes.

You need to make sure that you have identified five to seven processes within your organization. The core processes are the most important ones, so be sure to document them so that everyone understands what they are and can follow them. You will experience the benefits of processes within your organization, which will in turn help you to be more successful.

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